Kenmore Refrigerators

Did you know that Kenmore refrigerators are one of the most popular refrigerators out there? The reason for this is because Kenmore is backed by Sears, which means that if you buy a Kenmore refrigerator you will have the Sears warranty along with it. That is why most people don’t think twice about buying anything Kenmore. One the same note, most people don’t know who makes Kenmore refrigerators and the reason is because they are made by 5 different companies. Just so that you know what you can expect from Kenmore, here are two popular, yet very different models that you can choose from.

Popular Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore Pro 29.5 cu Side By Side 4048 – This is one of the more expensive Kenmore refrigerators on the market. This particular model sells for thousands of dollars, however, it also offers thousands of features that the other less expensive models just don’t have. One of its biggest features is its Twin Cooling TDM System.

Kenmore 7888 18.2 cu. Ft. Top-refrigerator – This is a very modest refrigerator that Kenmore makes, however, a lot of people like it because of its simplicity. This is a great starter fridge that doesn’t cost that much and offers homeowners exactly what they need. One of the biggest features of this model is that it has a reversible door which can be changed depending on whether you want it to open left or right.

There are many popular Kenmore refrigerators out there, however, these are the two that many people choose from when deciding to buy a high priced refrigerator or a more economical one. All Kenmore refrigerators are good, but it all depends on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Another popular model is the Kenmore Elite refrigerators but just like all other best buy refrigerator models, they will have some pros and cons.

Pros and Cons Of Kenmore Refrigerators


  • Cheaper Than Big Brands – If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then buying a Kenmore refrigerator is a good way to go. One of the best parts about these is that they are made by bigger brands yet they are offered at a much more affordable price.
  • Excellent Warranty – Another great thing about all Kenmore refrigerators is that they come with an excellent warranty. The reason they have an excellent warranty is because they are Sear’s products and all Sear’s products come with their Sears guarantee.


  • Sold Only By Sears – The only con that people think of in regards to Kenmore refrigerators and the whole Kenmore brand is that Sears is the only store that sells them. The reason for this is because Sears is the company that has them made by other big named companies such as; Whirlpool, Frigidaire and General Electric. Sears Kenmore refrigerators are great, however, only being offered at Sears means that there is not a lot of sales surrounding them and to some people this is a problem.

It is because of the only con that people decide to buy Kenmore refrigerators as opposed to any other kind. Just remember, Kenmore refrigerators are popular because they last a very long time, not only because of their price. Hence, you can always verify the popularity with the positive refrigerator reviews it receives all other the internet.